Destination of the Day - Sámi  Connections
Saturday, October 16, 2021

Before or after the online concert, Songs from Sápmi, recorded in Bodø, Norway, you can explore more about the musicians and Bodø – European Capital of Culture in 2024, plus several more Sámi connections; kids can view videos featuring young Sámis and learn about the people; and two videos present traditional Sámi food (The Misværs) (Sámi Museum in Sweden)


(Norwegian Lapland)

(Sámi Languages)

(Woman Herder)

(Cultura Sámi – en español)

For Kids:     Sámi Youth and Their People

(Welcome to Sápmi)

(Inge Merete Pulk, 17)

(Top 10 Facts)

Recipe of the Day:   Traditional Sámi Food

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