Destination of the Day - Emigration Connections
Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Before or after the virtual tour of the Emigration Museum in Hamar, Norway, you can explore the museum website and other emigration connections; people interested in Norwegian Art will enjoy getting to know more about the sixth Artist of the Day from the Nordic Art video conversation on October 6; kids can view videos about Ellis Island and learn about a Children’s Museum of Immigration (Chicago); and anyone nostalgic about grandmother’s kitchen will enjoy the contributions from Annemarie Thompson  or   (Hamar)  (Sletta on Radøy)  (Castle Clinton)  (Jenny Lind)  (Ellis Island)

Artist of the Day 6:

For Kids:     Exploring Ellis Island and a Museum in Chicago

(Field Trip)

(Gateway to Freedom)

Recipe of the Day:  
Immigrant Memories

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