Tidløs: in Concert Tidløs på Låven
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Sunday, October 11, 2 pmTidlos

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“Music is mostly a hobby for us. We all have close association with the Church of Norway. The reason for playing hymns is that we want to get the beautiful lyrics and melodies out to people in a slightly new way. There are many great hymns that the next generation other- wise may not get to hear.

We got our start as a quartet in 2009 at a concert at Iveland Church in the County of Aust-Agder. Our first CD was called Tidløs. The next CD was named Artic Tour and was a single we played on a tour of Northern Norway, Iceland and the Faroe Islands in 2013. Our Christmas CD En Tidløs Jul - Live fra Åseral came out in 2015. Our latest release is Ren og Rettferdig.
The photo above is from our recent concert in an old mine in Setesdal with artist Helene Bøksle.”

The members of Tidløs (which means “Timeless”) are:

Martin Wikstøl, vocalist front man of the band is Youth Director at a church in Vennesla. He has also sung with the famous group "Secret Garden". He has a degree in music education  from Ansgar University College and Theological Seminary, Kristiansand.

Johan Nøkland Lund, pianist, originally from Nittedal near Oslo is studying music at Ansgar College in Kristiansand.  He has previously been a missionary in Romania.

Tommy Ingebretsen, the guitarist in the band, has studied music, is a musican and has been a local politician for the Christian Democratic Party (KRF) in Vennesla.

Jan Martin Hammersland, bassist, is originally from Sotra on the  West Coast of Norway. He moved to Kristiansand 13 years ago to study music at Ansgar College. He now works as a teacher in Kristiansand.

Bjørn- Thore Aastveit plays many different instruments — accordion, flute, Irish bouzouki and more. He has a Masters in Education from the University of Oslo, and he has studied Irish folk music. He now teaches Music, Religion & English at a Middle School in Setesdal.