Saturday September 28

Fall Rømmegrøt Luncheon at 12 am  

Sponsored by Mindekirken’s Alle Kvinner Mission  (All-women)

Rømmegrøt is a cream porridge served warm with a drizzle of clear butter.  (Cinnamon & sugar served on the side.) The menu also includes: Simple open-face sandwiches - hard salami or assorted cheeses, cookies and coffee/tea.

Donation per ticket $16.00  (Child 7-12 - $7; 6 & under free)

Tickets available in the church office, or by mail order before Sept. 20.  Call for availability after the 20th.  Make check payable to “Mindekirken”

Mail check, phone number, and self-addressed stamped envelope to:  
Mindekirken / Rømmegrøt 924 E  21st St   Minneapolis MN 55404