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Jim Reilly and Beatrice Giere in Concert - Tuesday September 24
Tuesday 24 September 2019, 12:00pm - 01:00pm
Contact Kaia Knutson

Tuesday,  September 24
12:00 p.m. Magic Landscape Concert
Tuesday Open House at Mindekirken


songs by five composers from five Nordic countries:
Peter Heise (Denmark), August Söderman (Sweden),
Erkki Melartin (Finland), Emil Thoroddsen (Iceland)
and of course Edward Grieg (Norway)

$8 donation      You may join us for a light lunch    11 –11:30 a.m.   (included in price)

Jim Reilly, tenor (our Music Director Emeritus), and Beatrice Giere, piano, will present a program of songs by five Nordic composers: Peter Heise (Denmark), August Söderman (Sweden), Emil Thoroddsen (Iceland), Erkki Melartin (Finland), and of course Norway's own Edward Grieg. The texts of the poems will be sung in the five languages of those countries; the Grieg songs are in Nynorsk, with poetry by Vinje. And the glorious and varied landscapes of the Nordic countries--the woods in Denmark, the mountains, brooks, and even berries of Norway, the sad setting sun in Finland, a mysterious Troll Lake in Sweden, and an Icelandic village nestled in a beautiful valley--have inspired these composers to write some of their best songs. At Mindekirken we are so fortunate to hear a lot of Grieg, but the great riches of the Romantic song literature from the other Nordic countries and their composers come to us less often. A program for lovers of the beauties of the North, Nordic poetry, and the riches of Nordic classical music!

Location Tuesday Open House at Mindekirken Sanctuary
Jim Reilly and Beatrice Giere