Tuesday,  October 2 - 7:30 p.m.

Norwegian Jazz Concert

at Mindekirken

Tord Gustavsen Trio

Ticket price $25

Tord Gustavsen is a jazz pianist and composer, touring extensively and recording as both soloist and bandleader for several of his own ensembles.  Gustavsen was born in Oslo and raised in rural Hurdal, Akershus where he "grew up playing church music.”  He earned his undergraduate degree in Psychology before he turned to music full time.  A prize-winning performer and composer, he is recognized for his “rapt, pristine, meditative music.”  He also maintains his interests in Psychology, writing about the psychological processes involved in musical improvisation.

This concert marks not only Tord Gustavsen's return to Mindekirken, but also his return to the piano trio setting that brought him to worldwide attention with the release of Changing Places in 2003. His eighth and latest album for ECM, The Other Side, will be released in August 2018 and expands his piano trio repertoire with new compositions as well as arrangements of J.S. Bach chorales and traditional Scandinavian hymns. Joining him are bassist Sigurd Hole and his long-standing collaborator, drummer Jarle Vespestad.

The elements of Gustavsen’s work remain intact – a paradoxical blend of simplicity, quietude, and sensuality built on the hymns of his youth, a Nordic kind of blues, and an instinct for composition. With the passage of a decade of creativity, he has come full circle to the piano trio but with a new perspective that, as ever, moves his music forward.

A reception and meet-and-greet at Norway House will follow the concert.